This article is inspired by my own desire to level up my vibe and shift. Several years ago, I lost my father, who was diagnosed and passed away of pancreatic cancer in six short weeks. Two years later my sister completed suicide. Understandably, their deaths shattered my world and turned my life upside down. After four years of personal work, I reflected on what it took to shift out of loss, pain and misery. I recognized three steps anyone can use to level up their vibe and make shift happen if they want to. When I say shift, I mean change.

It is normal that most of us experience difficult events in our lives: death, divorce, abuse, and childhood trauma. These events usually take us off course. Some events take longer than others to move through. Some of them take a lifetime. However, why do events like death, divorce, abuse and childhood trauma keep some trapped in a life of misery? While for others it launches them into new areas of personal growth? In my personal and professional experience as a psychotherapist, one difference is a desire to change or shift vibration.

For simplicity, I refer to vibration as an energetic frequency. A low vibration involves any thoughts; feelings, beliefs and behaviours that bring prolonged mental, emotional and/or physical discomfort. Whereas, a high vibration involves any thoughts, feelings, beliefs or behaviours that bring prolonged mental, emotional, and/or physical contentment. I use vibration because the language is inclusive of a broad range of thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, and bodily sensations. Vibration is an energetic or lived experience that can only be defined by the individual. Each definition is unique and the language does not limit a person’s lived experience. Vibration can have subtle shifts in energetic frequency and can fluctuate. However, with awareness and tools a person’s vibe can be regulated.

We can recognize and remain stuck in a lower vibration, which consequently aligns with darker feelings. Or we can recognize and move through the events, redefine the stories we tell ourselves, and regulate a desired vibration or state of being. I am a strong advocate of the latter path. It creates more of what I do want in my life: adventure, peace of mind and purpose. And less of what I don’t want: misery and self-entrapment.

Reflecting on how I came through the tragic loss of my father and sister, I created a list of 3 powerful steps I used to shift my vibe out of grief & loss, physical pain, and burnout towards a more meaningful vibe worth living everyday.

These 3 powerful steps are not a linear path or a complete answer. However, I still use them as a guide during times when I feel trapped in my own discomfort for too long. My thoughts, actions and behaviours warn me that if “shift doesn’t happen” I am not getting the maximum potential out of my life. And after experiencing the complex grief of two major losses in my life - living life to the fullest - to this day – is on the forefront of my mind. Therefore, if I find myself saying “how’s that working out for you Ang”? Whatever “that” might be in the moment. I know the sarcasm is alerting me that a “shift” is required and I turn back to these steps to shift my vibe.

Anyone Can “Make Shift Happen”.

The 3 powerful steps below are intended as a method of inquiry to shift you towards a desired and sustainable vibe. In my experience, when we shift our thinking, we also shift our feelings and behaviours. Hence, what we sustain in our lives is dependent on what vibe we live on a daily basis. It is possible to move away from being stressed and depressed towards being at ease and content. The vibe you live in most of the time can be up to you.

Ready to Level Up Your Vibe?

3 Powerful Steps To Make Shift Happen

Take some time to honestly consider what is happening in your life right now. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Are there things you want to change?

Powerful Step 1:

Make a list of things you want to change. Keep it with you so you can regularly look at it. Tip: your phone is a good place. Writing things down and regularly reviewing your list is a good way to stay focused on your desired daily vibe.

Is your thinking mean and self-defeating? How long has that voice in your head been communicating that way? Has the mean self-talk been successful? Don’t you think it’s time to try something completely new like implementing different strategies for your inner-dialogue?

Powerful Step 2:

Consider telling your mean thoughts to “F” off. Forgive your mean thoughts when they show up and replace them with a kinder thought. Forgiveness works and is a gentle way to shift that inner mean brat to a kinder voice that is wise enough to direct you towards your preferred vibe.

Are you miserable, depressed or stressed out? Are you happy, content, and joyful? If you are willing, take note of what feelings take up the majority of your day.

Powerful Step 3:

Ask yourself how you want to feel. If it’s at ease be willing to do at least one thing a day that allows that feeling to grow. Use the question “what is one thing that will bring me ease (choose your own feeling) right now? The answer may be as simple as get up and stretch, pour a cup of tea or go to the bathroom. Then act on the answer. You can ask the question several times a day. Acting on the answer to the question “how do I want to feel?” gently shifts your emotional vibe.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

If you haven’t done so, spend some time journaling about the 3 steps. Launch your responses into action. Be curious what happens next. Go make shift happen!

How will you level up your life?

I hope this post has given you some inspiration to live your life more intentionally. Remember that you get to design your life in any way that you want to – you just have to be committed to your desired vibe.

A Personal Request:

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts or experiences with the article. I love to connect and learn from others. So please, take a few minutes and connect.

Angela xo

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I’m Angela. As an educator, a therapist, and inner vibe guide I am here to help you reduce burnout and stress in your daily life so you have the time, energy and confidence to do what you love.

I’m Angela. As an educator, a therapist, and inner vibe guide I am here to help you reduce burnout and stress in your daily life so you have the time, energy and confidence to do what you love.