VIBE Signature Series Potty Mouth Candles

VIBE Signature Series Potty Mouth Candles


VIBE Signature Series Potty Mouth Candles

16oz 100% Soy Candle
100% soy wax no paraffin, kosher,  soy ethically harvested & traded.
Ginger and Bamboo Citrine scented with 100% essential oils & essential oil blends.

All sayings are tongue n cheek for a laugh, connecting that little bit of naughty in us all. Sometimes we think it, but don’t say it!

All candles are hand poured in small batches, making every candle unique & cared for before it’s even lit.

Burn time is dependent on each candle & how it’s cared for including wick trimming & heat allowance. Masons burn between 30-50hrs each.

Choose from 8 different wordings:

  • Your Gut Knows Trust That Bitch

  • Bitches Get Shit Done

  • Fresh Out of Fucks

  • Fuck What They Think

  • Zen As Fuck

  • Bitches Get Shit Done

  • Namaste Bitches

  • Go Find Yourself

Price: $25.00/each

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