VIBE Signature Series Wine Tumblers

VIBE Signature Series Wine Tumblers


VIBE Signature Series Wine Tumblers

All glasses are hand painted, making every wine glass unique & cared for before it's even sipped from. Glasses are dishwasher safe and should be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Choose Red set or White set.
* there are no substitutions. Only sold in sets of two.

Red Wine Tumblers feature the dotted art on the bottom half of the glass.
White Wine Tumblers feature a front of glass swirl art design.

All glasses are hand painted by a local Vancouver Island Artist, making every tumbler unique & cared for before its even sipped from.

Wine tumblers have individually painted colour coded hearts on the bottom so no one forgets who's glass it is.

Tumbler wine glasses - $40/pair

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©All photos & designs are copyright of Angela Slade Inc.

Listing includes glasses only, no photo props.

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