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Want to feel more in control of your everyday life? Tired of struggling? Are you wondering how my guidance will help get you unstuck? Do you want some personal power back in your life?

Angela Slade, MA, RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) offers in-office and on-line (Skype & Zoom) one to one support options. As well as on-line education and coaching self-development and mental health programs to help reach a variety of clients from around the globe with different goals, needs and budgets.

If you are struggling with lack of motivation, emotional-regulation, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship issues, co-dependency, weight issues, disordered eating, body-image, a wicked inner critic, and or unmanageable stressors in some area of your life - Angela offers education and one-to-one guidance to get you back on track.

Angela’s Approach:
Angela Slade, MA, RCC works one-to-one with you to regulate your mindset, emotions and your body so you learn to reduce everyday stress, avoid burnout, and create a fully self-regulated and connected life giving you more time and energy to pursue what matters to you.

Regulation is not calm! Regulation means connected.

When you are having a moment of regulation you are connected. You are attached to the self. What that means is that we can be regulated and angry or sad at the same time. We can be regulated and anxious at the same time. How it feels is that we still feel more in control than the emotion or physiological response. We can be angry and notice our increase of energy and activity in our brain and central nervous system. We can notice our heart rate going up. We can notice what is going on in the body but we are not CALM rather we learn to digest what is going on to remain connected to self.


No one is you and that is your super power.

My goal to support you is not to teach you to be calm - that teaches us to stuff emotions and ignore the body. Individuals that can stay connected to themselves in the intensity and physiology of an emotion are emotionally regulated and authentically connected to the self.

I guide others to develop self-awareness to learn how to attach to self through emotional, neurological and physiological intelligence. Intelligence is achieved when a person can stay connected to self and navigates his or her own inner landscape and integrates it to successfully feel in control.

I use regulation techniques and other traditional therapy and healing modalities to help clients move towards the uncomfortable in order to tolerate distress, which leads to change in habits, behaviors, beliefs and patterns that are undesirable.

Angela’s Background, Education and Training:
Please check out My Story and see if we connect. Angela believes it is important for a client to feel connected to the person they are working with. She encourages you to take a look.


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Fee for service:

All Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Individual Session

Couples or Family Session

Coaching or Mediation

Group Sessions (per individual)

Session packages can be designed uniquely with the client at a discounted rate.
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Healing isn't about changing who you are, but changing your relationship to who you are.

(In)School with Angela

(In)School is an on-line portal for anyone who wants to expand their self-development in a variety of areas related to everyday life. The experience is designed and led by Angela Slade, MA, RCC. Please take a look around and meet our teachers.

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